Friday, March 20, 2009


Lonnie Busch was the guest speaker at the Mountain Voices Writers Group in Sylva, last night (Thursday, March 19th.) The meeting was held at the Soul Infusion Cafe where Busch read two selections and then spent an hour discussing his experience with literary magazines. In response to questions, the author of Turnback Creek discussed publishers, query letters and the current market for "literary fiction."

Lonnie Busch’s short stories have appeared or are forthcoming in such publications as Southwest Review, The Minnesota Review, The Baltimore Review, The Southeast Review, Roanoke Review, Talking River Review, Flint Hills Review, Willow Review, The Iconoclast, Pisgah Review, MoonShine Review and others.


  1. Yes, certainly got something out of Lonnie's presentation at Mountain Voices. He handed out some very practical advice and several literary mags as a bonus. I read his novella "Turnback Creek" in about an hour Saturday night and recommend it to everyone. Also, you can read most of his published short stories on his website. I'm just sorry our attendance was not better that evening because everyone in the group could have benefited from his insights on writing and publishing.

  2. Yes, Steve, I agree. That little novella is a significant achievement. And, yes, it is a shame that attendance bottomed out.