Monday, April 6, 2009

Friends, in case you don't know, this is Lessie Williams. I originally met her through my friend, Barbara Bates Smith who urged me to go hear Lessie sing at the local community college this past Christmas. Lessie was a part of the usual Christmas fare, but she was definitely different! After "Jingle Bells Rock" and "Winter Wonderland," Lo! suddenly there was Lessie. She has what some reviewers would call "an imposing presence." When she began singing, I felt like the force of her voice lifted the audience and moved them back a few feet. The sound is deep and forceful, rising and falling, dropping to a whisper and rising to a joyful shout. Well, I was hooked.

In performance, some of Lessie Williams' original songs last fifteen to twenty minutes. In a world where pop lyrics rarely extend beyond three or four minutes, Lessie's gospel music has a powerful and prolonged impact. The length of the songs encourages audience participation. Feet begin to tap, hands clap, bodies sway and often the audience rises to its feet, moving with Lessie. It was a memorable evening.

Not long after the Christmas show, I had the opportunity to talk to Lessie. She actually asked me if I knew someplace where she could sing! Although this lady has a bunch of CDs and some impressive awards for her singing, no one is marketing her. Well, to get to the bottom line, I arranged for Lessie to sing in a little cafe in Dillsboro called The Whistle Stop which could seat about 60 folks. Lessie and I did a minimal amount of promotion and we filled the place. Now, what I would like to do is open up this post to the audience that heard Lessie sing. So come on folks, give us a response to what you heard. I'm hoping that, with a little luck, we might find Lessie a "larger audience," so if you have opinions as to how that might be accomplished, please say so. Does she need a stage? Musical accompaniment? A back-up choir? An expanded program with mainstream music?


  1. Is there any place online to hear a sample of Lessie's singing?

  2. No, not yet, but she can send you a CD. I would
    recommend "God Changed Me in Time." Lessie is also
    a minister.

  3. This live Gospel singing at The Whistle Stop was a real treat! I particularly enjoyed "Knock." Many of the folks present added shouts, praises, and Amens during the singing which only added to the atmosphere of joy and affirmation. Lessie Williams has a solid command of her voice.
    The fixed priced meal was nearly inedible ...saved only by the very good dessert (for which you paid extra).

  4. The presentation at Whistle Stop was especially spectacular since her friends knew that she was suffering with a tremendous sinus infection.

    Lessie Williams is a consummate professional. She moves audiences from youth to elders. Her voice touches spirits across the lines of race and culture, religion and national origin. She is definitely bound for greatness!

    Hallelujah! Amen!

  5. There is one word to describe Lessie Williams that is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ellerna Forney

  6. Lessie is the personification of soul and gospel music...her personality, smile and voice lights the room then your heart.
    Ben F. Eller

  7. Thank you all so very much!!!!
    Lessie Williams

  8. Lessie is an anointed woman of God, and when she minister in songs you can hear the power of God working through her. This is awesome.
    Wanda Moore

  9. I heard Lessie sing as part of a gospel concert at our cultural center here in Andrews and was blown away as was everyone in the audience. She sang after another group that would have been a great backup band for her. I definitely think that she needs a band like that behind her to widen her audience appeal.


  10. Bob,
    I guess you are referring to the Chautauqua program
    that Lessie did in Andrews last year. People are still talking about it. I remember talking to Elizabeth Hay about it.

  11. I'm convinced that the reason for the impact of Lessie Williams AND her voice is the Presence of the Holy Spirit in her. This is a special gift from God, born out of her desire to be a living testimony of the Power of God in people on earth.
    Awesome is the Word! A very special back-up band would be great, if possible, and I'd love to hear her with the Wake Forest Men's A Capella Ensemble, Chi Rho, in the background. Anyone have a special connection with Wake Forest? They do special concerts throughout the year.
    Alice Blanton

  12. Sister,
    You really blessed us at the Dinner/Concert. The Spirit of the Lord showed up, and allowed you to show out. Our prayers will always be with you.
    Mr/Mrs. Adam West Jr.

  13. My annointed New York Star has always blessed my heart in songs because it becomes a worship
    and praise service so our Lord and Savior can
    get all the Glory! I was blessed by the concert and at the Whistle Stop. I pray the Lord will continue to bless Minister Lessie's music ministry. I love her dearly.
    Ruth Elrazky

  14. Yes, now you can watch and hear Rev. Lessie sing on You Tube. I just got through watching almost all three videos. Lessie, you are on your way. Let's all see where we can book the next concert for her.

  15. Lessie Williams has just set the room on fire at the Waynesville Missionary Baptist Association Retreat in Hayesville, NC. The Holy Spirit filled the room as she blessed us all with her tremendous voice and message straight from the Lord!

  16. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.