Saturday, April 25, 2009


I took my eggbeaters/mushrooms/cheese omelet and my bowl of oatmeal out to my old warped pine deck this morning....a Saturday, and although I don't work a 9 to 5 job anymore, I always get a sense of release on Saturday morning. Yeah, it is just like any other day of the week now, but some sort of conditioned response lingers. Oh, God, this is going to be a marvelous day, and I don't want to spend it humped up in front of this computer. Jack and I sat on the deck (he always get half of the omelet and oatmeal) and stared. My cochlear implant picked up a deafening orchestra of birds, and Jack's nose twitched. My two lonely hens stood in the chicken lot and clucked while redbirds stole their cracked corn. My strange cat, Booger, was having some kind of erotic experience on a pile of black walnut firewood, stretching and currying her long hair on the bark. Mr. Redbird was feeding Mrs. Redbird in the maple in the front yard. I can't decide if i should be up and doing, or should I just sit like a poleaxed mule, staring at the Balsam Mountains. I heard yesterday that there is a big celebration afoot down in Sylva. "Greening Up the Mountains," it is called. No, I think I'll be selfish today. Ride the rider mower through the saw briers and plan a garden that I will never plant. This is the kind of day that fills you with good intentions. Maybe I'll burn some brush and make my neighbors nervous or go to Bryson's Feed Store and buy some onion sets. Maybe I'll order an Earth Box.
Last night, I found an onion in the Grit that I want called an Egyptian onion. The onions are on the end of its stalks...not underground. Maybe I'll be the only fellow in Rhodes Cove with Egyptian onions! Well, time to be up and doing.....after I sit on the deck a few moments with Jack and watch the fog rise in the Balsams.


  1. There's a lot to be said for sittin', starin', and rockin' . . .

  2. Hey Gary, Two weeks from can eat dinner with me! My treat!

  3. Gary, while you sat and enjoyed your Saturday morning as my husband, Barry, likes to do, I was in Greensboro with a hundred writers soaking up the ambiance of the NCWN Spring Conference.
    It was 92 degrees and felt like Florida to me.
    It is always good to get back to the mountains.

  4. Yes, porch sitting is quite excellent this time of year, even though hundreds of bumblebees are aggressively working the wisteria blossoms and upsetting my favorite hound dog Elvis.

  5. What a great day for porch settin'. I worked in the garden some this weekend and it feels good to get some seeds in the ground. One of our hens only managed to hatch one egg but it sure is cute walking around with mama and learning how to be a chicken.

  6. Hey Gary,
    Next time you're humped in front of the computer, check out Carol Ann Duffy - the newly appointed Poet Laureate of the UK. Read one of her poems: "Valentine" on the web. She'll give you a new view of those onions.
    We're going to the herb festival this weekend (May 2nd) at the farmer's market in Assville to get some Mexican sunflowers, tomato, and pepper plants.
    see you soon