Sunday, June 21, 2009


Last Saturday, Neal Hutcheson and I went to Cagle's Animal Auction near Waynesville. This place is like a Fellini movie: dust, heat, a yodeling auctioneer, bleats, cackles, crows, barks and several hundred people seated in an old barn facing a kind of arena where goats, sheep,crates of chickens are held aloft while the audience bids ... and when you buy something, they hand it to you. That is how I got Chauncey, this noble rooster who came home with us and took up residence with my two old, maidenly hens. Chauncey has a lusty crow and he quickly established his territory. He crowed all night and I'm afraid that my resident fox will come to see him soon. In the meanwhile, life is good. Neal Hutcheson took this photo.


  1. A handsome bird -- I'll bet he startled the two old biddies!

  2. Yes, he is a good looking bird. We should trade off roosters occasionally in order to do some outbreeding and come up with a strain of Plott chickens. Jack should keep the fox away!

  3. Two handsome guys in Neal's photo!I bet those old girl's went clucking crazy when they saw him! LOL :D

  4. That is one terrific auction barn and Gary's description is not exaggerated. I took some video (handycam/home video) of Gary bidding and receiving Chauncey. If I can get a free moment I'll post it somewhere and put a link in this comment section...

  5. The auction barn outside Waynesville is a trip I'd recommend to anyone. Felliniesque? Yes.
    But the chickens, goats, sheep, etc. are auctioned off for real - and it's a hell of a
    show. I went with Gary once and had a great time. Neal, I'd love to see your video. Indeed, Chauncey looks to be a noble bird.


  6. John, he is out there now strutting around the lot.
    It worries me that he crows at night, which a kind of in-your-face challenge to the fox on the hill.
    My two maidenly hens are perplexed. It is so long since they had an ardent beau, they act like they are re-discovering a lost art. I know the feeling!

  7. Here's a short vignette of Gary at the auction:

  8. Chauncey is great....and they must have forgotten to feed him...he was HUNGRY!

    GOt to get to that auction...

    Jack now has competition on who's "Cock of the walk" on Cherry St.

    Ben F. Eller