Monday, June 1, 2009


Kind hearts, this is an interesting video, mainly because it was supposed to be a mere photograph. I had no idea that my camera (which I have owned for two year) made mini-videos.While these seven fellows were eating breakfast at the Calhoun Inn in Bryson City last Sunday morning, I asked the Innskeeper (Mr. L. D. Hyde) to take our photo. He accidentally turned on the video feature! Yep, there it was on the top of the camera. It is a bad video since we didn't know it was there. Had we known, we could have done all manner of clever things.

Essentially, these fellows are all writers/poets/playwrights who are my friends. We recently decided to start eating breakfast together with the primary purpose of pigging out on bacon, country ham, biscuits and gravey, etc. Our secondary purpose is to talk about what we are writing and want to write, and perhaps, to read and discuss what we have written. At the present, we are considering an option suggested by Jim Cox: that we email each other our work prior to our breakfast so that everyone could be prepared to discuss the poem, short story, play, etc. In some cases, as was noted by Steve Brady, the work may suffer form a "spoiler" email, so a "first reading" might be a better idea. We are still discussing all of this, including where and when we will eat breakfast again. The Calhoun Inn has promised us a traditional "country breakfast" the next time we return.

Standing from left to right: Aaron Morgan, who writes for the Smokey Mountain Times in Bryson City; John Quinnett, the poet who is featured in the previous post on this blog; Dave Waldrop, a song-writer, writer and poet; Steve Brady, a writer and actor who just won an award from Milestone, the literary magazine at Southwestern Community College; and Jim Cox, a novelist and poet. The chubby little guy with the beard is me, and the fellow to my left is Michael Redman, a writer.


  1. The chubby little guy with the beard is a really handsome ole dude! :)

  2. What a fine looking bunch of fellows. But they all look a bit loony, don't you think?

  3. I once saw a site on line where people post videos they record when the subjects think they are merely posing for a snapshot. The results--as they adjust themselves--is quite amusing.