Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I expected a good crowd at City Lights last night (October 26), but the number of people far exceeded my expectations. In fact, City Lights ran two shifts! During the first one (6:00 - 7:00), Silas spoke primarily to WCU students from Ron Rash and Pamula Duncan's classes. This group was followed by a more diverse audience, but they all were obvious Silas House fans (Click on the photo).

Silas read sections from Eli the Good, and discussed the experience of growing up in a time filled with both conflict and happiness. House's protagonist, ten-year-old Eli, an aspiring writer, records the events of a single week in the summer of 1976 - a week that embodied the July 4th Bicentennial in a little mountain town called Refuge. Eli sees his family torn apart by emotional reactions to the Viet Nam war, as well as the painful experiences attending family tragedies (his aunt's cancer, his sister's rebellious conduct, and the divorce of his girlfriend's parents). The book contains an underlying theme, however. Eli's family has resilience,largely due their unquestioning love for each other.

You should probably read this one!


  1. I read the book by chance because it was assigned to my grandson for summer reading. I enjoyed the book, in fact I have read all of his novels now. sounds like the dysfunctional family that I. Was reared along side cousins who were wild and rebellious. J