Monday, November 9, 2009


For some reason, I have had only one post on my blog in the last month. Yeah, I know that most people read and do not post, but I feel that the life's blood of any blog is the "comments" where people actually respond to the topics posted. If no one is commenting, that indicates that something is seriously wrong. Either I have lost my readers who talk to me, or my computer problems are worse than I thought. I would prefer that it is my computer which has become ... I guess the word is whimsical. The cursor freezes and it refuses to send email messages (or dispatches twelve copies of the same email). My iMac suddenly shuts itself down, highlights everything on the desktop and refuses all commands. Sometimes, it will function for a few moments if I cut it off and restart it. Whatever the problem. I am in the process of buying another one. I will have to borrow the money and that makes me want to crawl under my bed and bite my leg. Anyway, I am going to hang it up. I will go back to this blog if (1) I get a lot of posts; (2) I get a new computer (which will take a while) or (3) there is an impressive display of disappointment that I'm not running this blog anymore. I'll check by in a week or two to see if anyone has noticed that I am gone.
If I continue to get zero responses, I'm gonna hang it up and spend more time writing.
Losing Holler Notes would be a painful thing for me, but maybe it needs to go away.
Gary Carden

P. S. Please click on the photo of my Nance Dude flyer which i am currently marketing.


  1. Hey, Gary,

    Sorry for your computer woes -- painful (but maybe not as bad as biting your leg.)

    I have found that I tend to get the most comments when I comment on other people's blogs. They then visit my place and leave a comment. Of course there are plenty of folks without blogs and, as you say, lots of folks read without leaving a comment. Ah well . . .

  2. Get your butt back here and start posting again. You can't just quit, you sure as heck wont get any comments then.

  3. I just don't comment a lot since I'm a bit shy about all the literary people that you have and yourself. I NEVER miss a day without reading and will feel totally bereft if I no longer can tune in to Holler Notes when I first get to work. Nobody ever comments on the Nannie Plott blog but I get comments outside the blog. Please don't leave unless it's a bum computer.

  4. Perversely, I HOPE that the problem is your computer...please don't assume a lack of interest! I never comment (much) but I regularly check to see what's up.
    I plan to talk to you in person, soon, to reiterate my heart-felt hope that you don't hang it up....
    More soon,

  5. Gary, I'm seriously hope you don't quit also, in spite of the computer problems (which I'm very sorry about by the way). Like Vickie Lane said, I find also that more comments come the more I comment on other posts. Also, by "unless I get a lot of posts" you don't mean you want others to submit posts here. I just hope you won't stop because I've found more good writing by using the links you have on the side. It's a great feature. Don't suffer burn out trying too hard to post every day, but do post at least a couple of times a week.

  6. ah Garu.

    Sounds like you are getting some good advice in the above comments especially avoiding burnout by not posting as often. As I've said before, the amount of stuff you produce is staggering. (Sometimes I think you can write faster than I can read.) Hang in there.


  7. I was also raised in Rhodes Cove and it does my heart good to know you are there and living in the house you were raised in. I also enjoy when you write about Sylva and the way it was. I haven't lived in Sylva in 30 years, but I do go there often, as I still have family there.
    Please do not give up on Holler Notes.

  8. Don't quit, as you see all the comments before mine, we like what you post...your stories keep us coming back for more...

  9. NO! NO! NO! I am just at the point of being addicted to your Blogs, most of which are stories in themselves. I love your stories, and your posts are so interesting. I would miss reading about you and Jack and your half feral pussin named Booger. I am shy, but I will comment.

    I am sorry about your computer, but a new one will be money (or credit)well spent! You can save on free anti-virus, utility suite, etc. so, please don't bite your leg. Cynthia

  10. Please do keep writing. I'm still interested and want to converse with you about the story of Nance Dude,
    Maurice's book, and his book about Frankie Silver!! I know I'm always a day late, and a dollar short,
    but don't go away!! Say it ain't so! I have an Emachine...try that....anyway, you have three comments on
    Cherry Tree and we are still alive here.