Friday, December 25, 2009

Winter Solstice at the Carden Estates

It got a little grim up here in Rhodes Cove last week. The temperature dropped to 17 degrees, my cat, Booger came in for the winter and my car doors were frozen shut. That is my old hot tub in which I bobbed and bubbled for three years while I listened to Nina Simone... before lightning struck it (twice). In the distance, you can see my barn (click on the picture) on which I once painted two game roosters fighting. A rumor started that I was holding illegal "cockfights," and I was "staked out" by some silly state investigators with binoculars. Somebody is always giving me credit for being more exciting/illegal/depraved than I am.


  1. Happy Holidays, Gary!

    We used to have a hot tub and it was an invaluable source of water for baths and flushing during the Great Blizzard of '93. We wished we still had it during this recent five day power outage.

    You and Booger stay warm!

  2. Looked like a great place to sit in a hot tub. Must have been a beautiful view too. I suppose the lightening strikes rendered it unusable?