Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Well, kind hearts, this past Sunday (January 17th), I attended a memorable event at the Museum of the Cherokee Indians (where I once worked as a grants writer). This event was the culmination of a project by George Brosi, editor of the magazine, "Appalachian Heritage." George devoted an issue of the magazine to the Cherokees and filled it with over twenty-five Cherokee writers, poets, illustrators. Over one hundred tribal members turned out to purchase a copy of the magazine and get the contributors to sign their works (often in Cherokee).
The lady in the red shirt is the beloved Dot Jackson who came all the way from Six Mile, South Carolina to get Robert Youngdeer's autograph on his article.The guy in front of her is Scott Philaw, Director of the Mountain Heritage Center at WCU. The painting in the lobby was one of a dozen paintings that greeted visitors. This one depicts the seven Cherokee clans.(sorry about the lights reflected on the glass cover.) Robert Conley, noted Cherokee author, was the guest speaker, reading his contribution, "Plastic Indian." Robert Youngdeer,pictured here with his wife, is a former principal chief who contributed a chapter from his autobiography about growing up in Cherokee.

Enthusiasm for this event was such that there may be plans to repeat it elsewhere so that these writers/poets/artists may be exposed to a larger audience. Stay tuned.


  1. Those on FACEBOOK can become a fan of the APPALACHIAN HERITAGE facebook page and see more pictures of the event. Google "Appalachian Heritage" and you can get on the magazine's web page.
    Thanks for posting these pictures, Gary. You are a better photographer than me! Do you have any more?
    George Brosi

  2. A few, but they aren't any good. Also, I took a lot of pictures of Robert and I guess there was no point in overdoing it.

  3. Oh, how I wish I could have attended that event. I love that shot of Dot. She sure looks like she is having a good time. The prospect of having another event sounds great.

  4. Yes, she did. She spent a lot of time with Robert Youngdeer. She and I have been involved in a project to get Robert's autobiography published.

  5. This is one of those times I wish I lived around that neck of the woods still. I know I would have loved the whole event. I hope it does become a tradition.

  6. Hey Dot,

    Always miss your smile.

    You light up any room with your prescence.

    Hope to see you soon!

    Thanks Gary for the photo! Jim