Friday, January 15, 2010


This photograph of an extremely happy group of seven writers is deceptive. The Cashiers Writers Club has over 20 members, but it is hard to get them to sit still. Some are snowbirds and won't be back until March or April, some always show up late and at least four are outside the borders of this photograph (including me). This is an extremely productive group that meets the second and fourth Thursday of each month. In addition,they recently published their own anthology, Memories in Black and White: A Collection of Childhood Memories. In addition, this group does some of the best constructive criticism I have ever witnessed in a writers' group. The members visible in this photograph are Steve C. Fischer, Bob Fahey, Joyce Foster, Karen Gilfillan (standing), Ben Eller and Kathie Blozen. The fellow only partially seen in the background behind Kathie is Bill Christopher.

Upcoming events for CWG include the celebration of two birthdays (Christopher and Eller), events which will be memorialized by the crafting of appropriate limmericks concerning the talents and personaities of these gifted word-crafters.


  1. I have thought I should attend a writer's group again -been a long long time. Mountain Writers (below)_ is close by me - need to get my reclusive arse down there and attend!

  2. Well, Kathryn, I'm there every meeting. I ride up with Ben Eller and I'm working on a murder mystery with a touch of tragic love...Ho, ho, ho.

  3. HI everyone! Gary, I hope you don't mind if I use your wonderful photo of happy writers in a speech I'm giving in Vancouver in October 2013. I'll name the group and attribute the photo to you. I think you took it? This is for an educational/professional conference of plain language enthusiasts: PLAIN 2013. To contact me, just trawl the internet for Rachel McAlpine writer or under my business, Thank you for making my day with this gorgeous photo.