Tuesday, January 12, 2010


PODC comment2:


  1. That was a great interview! And your are what your admirers say about you so no need to be embarassed by the praise since it's true.
    I think it's nice being peculiar though. In eastern NC most folks thought I was really strange and when I moved to the mountains people welcomed me and I felt at home for the first time in my life.

    Note: I had to use Nannie's g-mail acct. as I can't seem to access mine. Being a Plott hound she's as mountain as they come and has never seen eastern NC. dwbrewin

  2. Have you ever noticed how when you walk in a room and several conversations are humming, the one that gets the most attention is when someone is sharing from their heart. I have heard the voice of a lady stop a crowd because it came from her heart. With all this said.........I was going through the t.v. channels one night and happened on "The Prince of Dark Corners". I completely stopped all activity and immediately was drawn into Lewis Redmond's life. I whispered to myself several times during the production...."this guy really is Lewis Redmond". I have never experienced any performance that drew me in as Milton Higgins did. He allow us to peek into his journey from many years ago.

    During this journey, this life, I have come face-to-face with people I can physically touch and speak with and yet.........they were not from this era. Ghosts......maybe, some would say but not I. I believe these powerful, passionate spirits are given the gift of returning to this world for their story to be told.....exactly as it was!

    I was given a gift that night as I happened onto "The Prince of Dark Corners". I would like to know of furture performances by Milton Higgins.

    Kay Koch

  3. Kay,
    I will certainly keep you informed. Right now, I am trying to find some potential sites were Milton and I can do a live performance. We are hoping to go back to South Carolina and I have a friend who is trying to schedule a performance at the Oconee Little Theater in Oconee. I'm telling stories tomorrow in Morganton, N. C. at the library and I am scheduled to do a lecture/discussion of my new DVD, "Nance Dude," at the Haywood County Library on March 30th, I believe. I'm also talking to some folks at Stecoah, N. C. where the community has renovated an old school and turned it into a cultural arts center. They want "Birdell," but I am trying to talk them into letting us do "Prince of Dark Corners."

    Thank you for writing. It gets pretty lonely out here sometimes. Of course, my friends tell me that most people don't leave a comment and that doesn't mean that they don't appreciate my work.....but still, I prefer a post from somebody like you.

  4. P. S.
    Kay, I would like to have your reaction to "Nance Dude." There is a four and a half minutes clip of it on my blog. If you write the title in the little white retangle on the left, it will go right to it. I would be glad to send you a copy, also.

  5. Gary,

    I saw the clip of "Nance Dude" and would be honored to see it from start to finish.

    Immediately, without knowing the story, I sensed love from this lady for her child. A mother's love goes much further than our human language. Many have tried to "explain the love of a mother" and I believe it can only be experienced! I don't know which is greater, being loved by a mother or being a mother myself! What a gift to have experienced them both.

    I too, have "thrown rocks at the tanks" and would do it again if need be. I have stood against many a powerful man for the sake and safety of my child. It was during these times that my love for my son was the only fuel I had or needed. Knowing I stood alone and was laughed at by many, I accepted that I had chosen to follow my heart, not society.

    How can I obtain a copy of this? Also, please keep me posted about the events you are a part of. Would have loved to have made the trip to Morganton today, but didn't have enough time to follow through.

    Thank you for sharing your passion with us!


  6. Kay,
    Nance Dude can be ordered from me ($20 plus $3 for packaging and postage) at 236 Cherry Street, Sylva, N. C. 28779. It is also available from City Lights Bookstore in Sylva. I'll be doing a program at the Haywood County Library on March 30th, and there will be productions of both "Birdell" and "Nance Dude" at Western Carolina University next March.