Thursday, February 4, 2010


Saint Agnes' Eve has come and gone, but every time I look out the window, I think of the Keats poem, "Saint Agnes Eve, Ah, bitter chill it was...."This is the way it looked at the Carden Estates last Sunday. I did not like it. The power went out for a night and a day and some of my neighbors don't have power yet. With no electricity, the temperature dropped inside the house to 40 degrees. I put on two pairs of pants and went to bed. Nothing to do but lie in the dark and meditate on the bills, my mistakes and my modest achievements. With the coming of daylight, I discovered that I was snowed in. Jack, the jack russell and Booger, the semi-feral cat came to sit on my bed and wait for me to bring back light, heat and food.


  1. Weather's a bitch sometimes, but she shore makes things look pretty don't she? Leastways the estate looks good in white. I trust things are better now. I hate to think of you and the critters all cold like that.

  2. Well thank goodness you had Jack and Booger to keep you company! I think more is headed your way, we had 5 inches of cold rain yesterday that's headed to you now. Stay warm, dry and off the ice Gary! At least winter is almost over! :)

  3. Thank you, kind hearts.
    Yeah, I heard the bad news last night. More of the same. This time, I have a flashlight, a bunch of "fire logs" that I bought at the grocery store (those suckers burn, but my granddaddy would be disappointed in me for resorting to that store-bought stuff.) For some reason, the big freeze took out my microwave. I'm ready though. I even have a kerosene lamp.

  4. Good luck. Down here on the coast we are lucky at times like this. I start shivering when the temp drops below 74.

    take care.

  5. Hi Gary,

    We are snowed in also, but only lost power for three hours. We got 18 inches in December and 14 inches a week ago. My romantic notions of being snowed in have melted!

    When we lost the power, I did the same as you. I got into bed and began noodling...

    I love your Blog!
    Cynthia Fleetwood