Tuesday, March 30, 2010


It doesn't get any better than this. Biscuits and gravey, potato pancakes, cheese grits, eggs, plank bacon, pancakes, sausage. We talked for two hours about movies, theater and good books. If I could do this once a week, I think I would be fine. Incidentally, from left to right, that is Neal Hutcheson (who filmed "Prince of Dark Corners" and "The Last One") David Brewin, who filmed "Birdell" and maintains a blog with his plott hound, Nannie; Dr. Curtis Wood, who just finished editing an awesome history of Haywood County and reads William Gay (He also keeps chickens), and an overweight, unemployed playwright who hangs around Spring Street hoping someone will buy his brunch. They did.


  1. My god, Gary, what a bunch of ruffians you associate with! I'm surprised you squeezed a wooden nickel out of this gang...yet, perhaps they will come in handy yet. The breakfast appears to be first rate, and it was. Hats off to Spring Street, City Lights, and affiliated playwrights of Rhodes (sp?) Cove.

  2. Yes, that is certainly a band of ruffians and scalawags but we sure did eat well that morning. Plus, we got to hear some great stories from Gary too.