Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Well, Kind Hearts, please accept my heartfelt apologies for being so late in getting Carl's photographs up for the last Liars Bench. I've been holed up with the door locked trying to write...something that becomes harder to day each day. But I am taking a well-earned break so here are the photos that give tangible evidence that the February program was the best one ever. The old regulars were on hand, including Dave Waldrop as Master of Ceremonies. We had two remarkable poets ... Kay Byer, the former poet laureate of North Carolina and Brent Martin who is spokesman for the Tennessee Convervacy. Barbara Duncan,who is normally found at the Museum of the Cherokees gave a rendition of her song, "Junaluska," that none of us we forget; Steve Brady did a comic monologue, which he insists "came from Chekov;" Paul Iagrrusi played a bunch of traditional ballads (please note that my blog system printed his photo twice, but that is okay) Lloyd Arneach was one hand with his inspirational Cherokee myths and Bonide, the show's mascot witnessed it all. The amazing thing is, the Liars Bench subsists on donations. That's right, we pass the hat and get enough to keep the performers coming back. Of course, the real reason that they keep coming back is because they love what they are doing.


  1. Loving what you do is the only reason to keep on doing it.

  2. Gary, I love these great photos. I know everyone had a wonderful time. I do hope I can get back over for a Liar's Bench when the days get longer.
    We are fortunate to have some great gatherings like Liar's Bench and Writers Night Out down in Hiawassee, GA.that combine all the arts.