Monday, April 15, 2013


"MADISON," A DRAMATIC MONOLOGUE.  Kind hearts, about two years ago, I wrote a dramatic monologue about the founder of Western Carolina University.  Since I grew up in Sylva, just below Western Carolina, I actually remember this fellow.  I especially remember a day when I was about eight when he came to the Sylva Elementary School on "Sidney Lanier Day." The brought him from the nursing home and I have never forgotten him .... a frail little man who spoke in a whisper and we had to strain to hear him.  He told us about sitting in the lap of Robert E. Lee and listening to General Lee's watch tick.  He also told us about Traveler, General Lee's horse and I have made that story a part of my dramatic monologue.  Come if you can.  it is at the Universal Unitarian Church in Franklin, N. Cl which has an ideal stage for this monologue.  The date is April 26th and the time is 7:00 pm.  The church is located of Emory Road at 89 Sierra Drive.  Call 828-369-8658 if you need more information.  Click on the image above to enlarge it.


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  2. Gary, I just found myself here on a Saturday morning with a little time to kill so I decided to check in here at Holler Notes. One click leading to another and another, eventually I wound up watching some of the videos of you storytelling and what not. I enjoyed it so much! I feel much the same way you do about the characters you write about. I admire their tenacity in clinging to what they believed in. They are fascinating people. And you have such a gift for showing us the better angels that inspired them.

  3. I really saw Professor Madison when I was a child. He had a great walrus mustache and carried peppermint candy in his pocket.