Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Well, Kind Hearts, that is me (Click on the picture) out there on the stage at the Martin Lipscomb Performing Arts Center in Highlands, N. C. last Saturday night. That is not a very good picture, I guess, but it captures the strange sense of isolation that I feel sometimes standing in a spotlight and surrounded by a great darkness. A little scary. I'm probably more at home on a wooden platform or standing on a table in a pizza parlor. I think I was bad. I had a blood sugar of 350 and I spent a lot of time "searching for the right word." The audience was great. They usually are .... very supportive, laughing and clapping, even when I am inept and rambling. Sheila Kay Adams was fantastic. Bright, sharp, witty. We are getting ready to do it all again this weekend at the Kitter Cole Festival in Cashiers.
May the God of Elderly Storytellers bless me and lower my blood sugar.

The nice lady that comes in every Monday and vacuums my house and picks up all the things that I have dropped during the past week (change, pens, books, etc) found a dead rat under my TV chair. I guess my semi-feral kittie, Booger, did that. It has been there for three or four days and really affected the atmosphere of several movies. I kept thinking it was my moldy old house, or my damp socks from spending the day outside in the rain, but, no, it was "a factor beyond my control." The nice lady (her name is Barbara) took the rat away and doused the room with Febreze. Last night, I watched Harlan Ellison ("Dreams With Sharp Teeth") rant and rage against the world (I love this guy), all to the cloying scent of honeysuckle and orange blossoms.


  1. I am convulsing in histerical laughter and can barely type! I'll bet your performance was wonderful but I bet no one got as tickled as I have by this!! Gary this is wonderful, you should add it to your show!! I can just hear your voice telling this!I can just picture you watching Tv smelling that smell! LMAO

  2. Well, I am no stranger to rats. My cat, Booger, has been catching things and releasing them in the house for a long time. In the last year, I've had
    snakes, rats, birds, etc. They are usually alive,
    so all I have to do is catch them and turn them loose. Booger goes to the attic and sleeps after she brings me some company.

  3. One of our cats used to hide dead things under throw rugs -- thank goodness the current cats just leve their offerings on the steps.

    And I'll bet you were terrific.

  4. You look like Johnny Cash out there. Burning ring o' fire, ye know.

  5. Yeah, that's me. A burning ring of fire..."And I went down, down, down, etc."

  6. Came over from The Writers Porch to have a little belly laugh myself, and just as her recommendation predicted....I did :)
    Thank goodness for Febreze, and entertaining story tellers..

  7. GOOD LAWDY BE!!! Laughing -

    Hi there Gary *waving to you*

  8. I was reminded of my Jack Russell who used to kill anything that moved. At least she didn't bring things in the house though. She would get a rat or vole out of the garden and walk around with her trophy in her mouth, head held high and wouldn't let anyone near it. Then she would drop it somewhere when she was tired of it and we would smell it all over the property for a while.