Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Look at this poor fool. He finally got his teeth fixed and now he can open his mouth without his dentures falling out. Watch him grin, bless his heart. He spent the entire day going around leering at people and made a lot of them uncomfortable. He is eager to open his mouth now, confident that if he yells, yodels or twists his face into unnatural shapes, his teeth won't jump out of his mouth. They used to do that, you know .....sometimes fell on the speaker's stand and went skittering across the floor. He would get down and look for them knowing that he had just lost his audience. It is hard to sustain a mood after a thing like that, humor him. Let him tell a story.

P. S. In case you haven't noticed, he reviews books. Readers rarely comment on them because they are too long and often boring....but, hey, let's humor him. Read his review. He will fawn on you like a love-starved kitten.


  1. Looking good, Gary!

    I have a story for you.

    Years ago when we were building our house and camping in our barn, if our families needed to get in touch with us,they called the folks who lived about a quarter of a mile below us .

    One morning we heard Louise calling up the holler --"John, oh, John."

    So he hustled on down to see what was up. When he arrived, she said, "Vicki's grandmaw wants her to call."

    "Louise," John panted, out of breath from running down there, "Why didn't you call Vicki?"

    "Because," says Louise, "when I try to holler 'Vicki' my teeth fall out."

  2. Vicki,
    I used to have people in my elderhostel classes that were on medication. They would often go to sleep and wake up with their dentures in their lap.

  3. Looking at those shining pearlies of yours, Gary,
    I'm reminded of what Frank McCourt said in his
    book "Tess." The nineteen-year-old McCourt had just arrived in NYC from Ireland and wandering around the streets of the city he couldn't get over the fact that Americans had what the Irish didn't: "the teeth." So, congratulations. You now have "the teeth."

    Jone Q