Monday, July 5, 2010


Kind Hearts, the second Liars' Bench was a resounding success. The audience sat in a circle around the performers and the variety of the presentations was remarkable. Victoria MacDonald read an emotional poem about slavery and the loss of her culture; Nancy Reeder told a story based on the saying, "When in doubt, do without;"Jeanette Cabanis Brewin read selections from her own work and Kay Byer's, and I told a yarn about my stuffed dog, Bodine who was recently euthanized but was present at this meeting and listened attentively. Rumor has it that the August meeting will feature Cherokee storyteller Lloyd Arneach, Franklin actor Steve Brady,Tom Bennett, a playwright from King's Mountain and some of the best musicians in this region. If time allows, I intend to do a story called "Crackle-Glass Marbles."


  1. Glad it went well. I'll be interested to hear about the music at your August gathering.

  2. Just a thought, I sure wish you'd put some of your "stories" in here--the euthanized stuffed dog story especially. I live too far away or I'd come on over to one of those liar's meetings. Think about it. Or, does something get lost when it's written rather than oral? This might make an interesting discussion in a post.

  3. Well, Alice that is an interesting observation. I do think of stories written down as "frozen" and stories told as "liquid." The written word is fixed and can't be altered whereas the oral tradition is ever-changing. Anyway, the story of Bodine, the euthanized stuffed dog is on this blog but it is back a good ways. If you go to that little blank rectangle at the top of my blog and write "Bodine," it will go right to it.