Thursday, July 15, 2010

MOONSHINER'S DAUGHTER by Mary Judith Messer - Reviewed by Gary Carden

Moonshiner’s Daughter by Mary Judith Messer
Lake Juneluska: Doing Well Now Publishers
$14.95 (paperback) - 218 pages.

“He that hath wife and children hath given hostages to fortune; for they are impediments to great enterprises, either of virtue or mischief.”
-Francis Bacon (1561-1626)

Francis Bacon’s famous quote that calls a man’s wife and children “hostages to fortune” has a bitter irony when applied to Terry Lee Long, the brutal, alcoholic father in Mary Judith Messer’s autobiographical Moonshiner’s Daughter. Messer’s artless account of the nightmarish existence endured by her mother, her three sisters , her brother and herself in Haywood County (circa 1940‘s) captures conditions that are so unrelentingly harsh and inhumane, readers may occasionally wish to avert their eyes, feeling that they have inadvertently witnessed the shameful acts described.

Judith Long Messer’s parents are primarily responsible for the negative aspects of her childhood.Terry Long’s “great enterprise” is the making (and consuming) of moonshine ( an occupation he allegedly taught to a young Popcorn Sutton) that renders him a drunken, angry and domineering man. Although he is occasionally capable of gainful employment, such pursuits are brief. Invariably, he reverts to the violent and tyrannical behavior that his family learns to fear. Judith’s mother, mentally unstable due to a head injury (she was struck by a falling tree) makes repeated attempts to take her own life. In addition, while her husband is in prison for stealing (a sack of cornmeal) and moonshining, she frequently reverts to a profligate life style that involves drunkenness, prostitution and theft. She is also a willing participant in the corruption of her own daughters, forcing Judith and the oldest sister, Cheryl, to shop-lift from Waynesville merchants as well as stealing clothes from the homes of neighbors. Finally, in what may be the most shocking revelation in Moonshiner’s Daughter, this deranged woman initiates events that lead to Cheryl’s repeated rapes; subsequently, she even attempts to act as a "procurer" for her own daughters, sending them off on fabricated “coon hunts” with a variety of young men.

However, Messer’s moral indictment is not restricted to just her family. Branded as “white trash” by Haywood County’s teachers, school principals and social service workers, the Long children are constantly taunted and ridiculed. Even when they are the fortunate recipients of assistance (help from sympathetic neighbors, winter coats from the Lions Club and free lunches at school) such gifts turn into badges of shame. The Longs come to dread the jeering and physical abuse of classmates in both the classroom and during the daily school bus ride home. Judith, Cheryl and Joe are frequently subjected to harrowing punishments - the principal’s belt and paddle that leaves the children bruised and bleeding. Add a couple of pedophiles (a janitor at school and a blind businessman in downtown Waynesville), and the abuse inflected on the Long children pushes the boundaries of credibility. Frequently barefoot, hungry and poorly clothed, they grow up with a bitter sense of alienation,inferiority and anxiety.

Although Moonshiner’s Daughter is frequently a chronicle of despair and a daunting indictment, it also describes sudden (and brief) bursts of delight. The author recalls moments when the family seems to radiate contentment and security: a meal of buttered biscuits and gravy, the visit of a colorful relative who comes bearing gifts, a watermelon party and a singular Christmas when a generous Santa appears. Such moments are rare and precious when measured against the shame of not only having head lice, but having the infection announced to her fellow students by the school nurse. The countless brutal beatings administered by both parents and school officials are staggering in both their brutality and frequency.

Due to a series of fortuitous events, Judith and Cheryl Long not only escape the grim conditions imposed by their home life, but eventually, manage to leave Haywood County. Judith acquires employment at the Queen Farm in Maggie Valley, where she experiences a new life (good food, a comfortable room and devoted friends). Cheryl abandons a loveless marriage and catches the bus to New York City. When the Queens return to Virginia, Judith goes with them, and as her life improves, so does her self-image and confidence. When she decides to join Cheryl in New York, it is an act of considerable courage since she is underage and has no skills or work experience.

However, these two women prevail. Working at menial jobs and suffering all of the disadvantages of the “mountain yokel in the big city,” they gradually learn survival skills. They also learn that the evils that lurked in Haywood County ( rapists, crafty, deceitful men, mental and physical )abuse) are also prevalent in the big city (although they are often artfully disguised). Slowly, these two mountain women learn to relish life - Coney Island, Radio City, Broadway musicals, restaurants, parks and zoos. They meet Susan Hayward and James Cagney and attend glamorous social events. As the author notes, all of this is pretty exhilarating for two moonshiner’s daughters!

The conclusion of Moonshiner’s Daughter is a bit disconcerting. After learning to move with confidence through subways and city streets, acquiring friends and establishing close relationships, the Long women return home. Finally, they choose to marry and live in Haywood County. Judith readily acknowledges that her life in the “big apple” left her with scars and painful memories - especially one about the daughter that she left in a Catholic agency for unwed mothers.

What then are we to conclude about this book? In one sense it seems that Judith and Cheryl’s escape brought about a healing in the Long family that might have never been possible otherwise. While in New York, the two sisters visit their relatives in Haywood. At one point, the mother and the youngest sister come for a visit (the mother is upset because she can’t purchase her brand of snuff in NYC). Eventually, Terry Long stops drinking and abusing his wife, and old grievances are forgotten. It is as though the breakup of the family initiated a basis for a healthy reunion.

It is equally true that a childhood as devastating as the one described in Moonshiner’s Daughter leaves permanent scars. The Southern novelist,Harry Crews, who also grew up in crippling poverty in south Georgia stated that children who experience extremely brutal conditions in the South are forever marked by it. Raised without role models and taught immoral practices, children often lose all sense of ethical judgment - the criminal practices continue into adulthood. Such children bear physical and mental scars; the mental ones may create lifelong attitudes, or a kind of moral or ethical ambiguity which makes them incapable of abandoning "asocial acts" as theft, deceit and the ability to manipulate others. Some readers may find evidence of this in Moonshiner’s Daughter.



  1. These book reviews are one of the reasons I like to come here and see what you've been reading, Gary. Here in the west I'd probably never hear about either of these you've covered here in the last few posts. So far, when I've been able to find the ones you've written about, I haven't been disappointed. Thanks for adding to my list.

  2. Thank you, dear. For whatever reason there has been a kind of explosion of Appalachian autobiographies in the past year. Both of the two I reviewed were written by people who are less than 20 miles away. Dave Waldrop is a friend of mine and the woman who wrote "Moonshiner's Daughter" lives in the neighboring county, Haywood. Both books are available at City Lights Book Store in Sylva. The phone is 838-586-9488.

  3. i was raised in the moonshie bussiness . never had any of this happen . never heard of it happening.10th generation that i no very tight.i shocked if this was going on my dad raised 5 girls 2 boys.

  4. I have read comments other readers who have read this book ,saying their lives growing up in the Appalachian Mountains was'nt in no way like Moonshiner's Daughter.Portraying the mountain way of life as all being this way.I myself did not portray that what so ever.As if the readers had read the "Prologue",they should have not taken this book as all folks growing up poor and so on.As Mrs.messer writes;I decided to write this book about MY LIFE.And we should all be so lucky and fortunate WE did not have to grow up that way.This kind of abuse and out of rage meaness happens still to this day ,no matter rich or poor.And my heart goes out to you Mary for writing this book and as you say of what you share in your book may just help someone.I am so glad I got the chance to meet you and have my book signed by you in Waynesville.I will surely read this book many more times and I will pass it on to everyone I know to read your book.I rate this book more than a 5,as this has been the best book I have read so far.Growing up a Moonshiner's Daughter,Iam glad you are O.K.Thank you for sharing.Rena Jones


    1. moonshiners daughterApril 17, 2012 at 12:31 PM

      I did give my sister a Book Her son goes to a lot of the Book signings with me. You were married to her OK You kelp her away from her ONLY sister that loved her. Now you and the younger sister of her that you would nelver let my sister come around when she was living now see each other. Spinding all that LIFE Ins money. You Sure the Book is about her also we were the DOGS of the family. Sure my mother cut her throat and never cut mine. I was lucky I got away. Sure I told about her leaving her baby son up on a mountain and I made her come back from NY and get him. Shell I go on RAY. You never put your name But RAY TRAYWAY is your name. My sister NEVER NEVER sad a word of the book was not true.

  6. Moonshiners DaughterApril 17, 2012 at 12:44 PM

    I want to tell everone I am now GREAT. I love the LORD. He is my ROCK with out him I would have been dead a long time ago. I have a good life now.My sister's is dead now. Her husband would not let her come see me. I loved her so. But Ray would not let her come see me.or the rest of her family He thought he was better then the rest of us. Now that she is dead he has ask my son to find him a place to move here where he can be with us. That isnot going to happen. I didn't get to see my sister when she was alive. Why Should I want to see her X husband.

    1. Moonshiners DaughterApril 17, 2012 at 1:39 PM

      Like her husband say's lots of the horrible things happen to my sister. Like my mother cuting her throat., I was lucky I got away. Like when our mother put a man in our bed not to rape me but rape my sister.Like when my sister run's away from home leaving her BABY son on top of a mountain and I made her come from NY back to NC and get him. Sure the book was a lot about her. The truth HURTS sometimes. But the truth had to be told. My sister nelver told me one time that she never liked the book. She did tell me she wished she could have witten some in the book.But I told her if her Husband had let her come to see me she could have also put what she wished in the book. The Book is ALL TRUE it may sound like anyone who lived that life would be dead. I have wished thousands of times when I was young to be dead but my GOD didnot let me DIE.

  7. I THANK YOU WITH MY WHOLE HEART. At this time I have sold over two thousand copys of the Moonshiners Daughter it was published in July 2010 I have been to thirty book signings.You may buy on Amazon Also it is on Kindle and EBook. Order a Signed copy from me or Go please to my web page it is I am also on face Book. May GOD bless you all. Mary the moonshiners Daughter

    1. Mary Judith MesserOctober 22, 2012 at 7:13 PM

      Oct 22 2012 I have now sold over 3,000 copies I placed another 1,000 order it is on the way from NEW YORK Order you a signed copie at mmesser2539@charter.netor web page you may also down load it for Amazon KINDLE. I sure thank all the three thousand of you that have ordered my Book may GOD bless you all Mary Messer

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