Saturday, October 15, 2011


Well, folks, last night (October 14), I attended what is probably the last performance of "The Raindrop Waltz." This little autobiographical play has been around for about 20 years, and after over 200 + performances, it needs to be retired. What is especially interesting about this production is that it has been "toured" by the Burnsville Little Theater and has been performed in Burnsville (several times), Sylva, Tryon, Flat Rock (Blue Ridge Community College) Andrews and now Franklin. In many ways, it is a strange little play that is composed of a series of stories that I tell. I just linked about eight of them together and they form the story of my father's murder and the death of my grandmother.

It is not a dark and brooding play .... quite the contrary. It is filled with humorous insights into the lives of my grandparents and some relatives. I think I am content to put it on the shelf. It has been strange places, including California (Pewter Plough),Jacksonville, Florida (Atlantic Experimental Theater), Atlanta, Georgia (The Art Station), Western Carolina University (Niggli Theater) and Asheville (ACT). In addition to that, it has been done throughout WNC in libraries and community theaters. Both the play and I have been fortunate. In many productions, I have gone on the stage after a performance and fielded questions about the play and "the truth" of some of the events depicted in it. Audiences have always seemed to be genuinely interested in the music, the tragedy and the culture depicted in the play.

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  1. This was definitely on my list of Carden plays to see. Elizabeth and Milton both did excellent jobs in portraying their characters. I know personally what it is like being involved with a parent going into a nursing home.